Star Citicen 3.11 Alpha - How to Fly a Ship

call ship at terminal and move to adviced hangar by using the elevator;
r - flight ready;
f1 - get clearence - Friends - top option call it and wait for hangar to open;
space - hover up a bit;
n - take in landing gear;
w - move forward;
d - strafe right;
a - strafe left;
s - backward;
strg - hover down;
search "spline" and move to spline (startloop), not all areas have it, its usualy "behind the hangar"
stay inside lines or ship may explode;

shift - afterburner (careful to not overheat the engines);
point ship upwards (90degrees into space);

now autopilot by pressing c (put u into cruise control so u dont have to press w to move forward);
now f1 - mobiglass;
select starmap to set the course, click a target and press "Set" with mouse, press f1 again to leave the mobiglass;
take 1 min until out of athmosphere;
press and hold b(spool qantum drive drives, when it ready, press and hold b again);
limiter(red line) shows how fast the ship can go without using manouveribility;
mousewheel to in or decrease the limiter;
break - x: stop quickly;
w-shift-fast forward with boost;
stop fast: v (dcouple - turn 180degreed, press w+shift)=fast stop;
e - battle roll right;
q - battle roll left;
now get closer to the station -> f1 -> frinends -> call station to get landing bay->u get assigned landing bay->move to it;
press n - landing gear out;
hold n above landing zone - > autoland;
f1 - repair ship -> repair sign, refuel;
i- turn of engine;
y(z on german keyboard) -get out of seat;