Brief descriptionhale-xp, Admin of me.trash-art.at and creator of the homeunix.eu Network.
About me

Hi! My name is Gerd and I am trying to build some Network, the http://homeunix.eu Network.
I am from Austria, where Arnold Schwarzenegger(Terminator) is from, not Australia ^^

I feel I am a victim to some voices i think are V2K Psychotronic in nature. It is a matter of investigation and I am trying to research this, find my approaches here at http://gammagandalf.biz and at the Facebook Group Page http://openout.blue.
My somewhat Blog Page and hopefully some day New Media, Arts and Technology Magazine is here: http://trash-art.at.

When I can I am trying to create the Network, rest of the time I am Out of Order because of the 24/7 really bad voices in my head, including the feelings of sadly really weird and often bad strangers, it is as if i was EGG-Heterodyned RNM(Remote Neural Monitoring) TMS(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) connected to some other people who are doing tests and studies on human behaviour.

I whish us a good time here at http://me.trash-art.at, and if you find it interesting, maybe you want to join in creating a wonderful Network with me and other interested people.