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    • Enga

      Enga (@Enga)

      Hi this is Enga, Player on Tera Europe Mystel. This is my Community Page where I share all kinds of stuff like Ingame Fotos and Videos but maybe also Files and Group Blogposts into the Tera Group. (Loog for Groups -> TERA here on Enjoy and have fun!

      Interests: MMORPG

      Interests: MMORPG

      • hale-xp

        hale-xp (@hale-xp)

        Hi! My name is Gerd and I am trying to build some Network, the Network. I am from Austria, where Arnold Schwarzenegger(Terminator) is from...

        Interests: MMORPGs

        Interests: MMORPGs


        • hale-xp


          Welcome people! This is the new community page. It is from people all over the world including virtual ones like the MMORPG TERA. Join us, share yourself!

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        • TERA


          A Group dedicated to TERA MMORPG. You are welcome to put your Screenies, Link Stuff and share this and that. Have fun!

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          Brief description: A Group dedicated to TERA MMORPG.